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Pillows are more important than you think

four or six pillows per sofa. I'm a bit extravagant when it comes to buying fabrics, but sometimes you need a punch of luxury. Sometimes it pays to splurge on one item, and throw all you can at it.

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This futuristic-shaped pillow from PosiForm is designed to gently guide your head to roll sideways into the side-sleeping position. This high-quality Swiss-made pillow is covered in an extremely ...

The Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

Learn more Updated April 29, 2021 We’ve added our upgrade pick for side- and back-sleepers, the Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow Ultimate, to this guide. Your guides Jackie Reeve Jennifer Hunter ...

10 Best Pillows

Pillows are more than just a luxury item--they can be an essential for proper comfort and posture while sleeping. You can find pillows that are molded for supporting the head, neck and shoulders ...

11 best pillows to buy in 2021

It all depends on how you lie while sleeping. Match your sleeping style to your pillow using our simple guide below. Look for memory foam pillows that mould to your shape, offering optimal support ...