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pea-seed Review

Vol. 99, No. 6, Dezember 1992

Seed transmission of pea seed-borne mosaic virus in Lathyrus and Vicia forage ... 647-652) Injurious insects and nematodes on cucurbits in Southern Africa - A research review / Schadinsekten und ...

Seed seller Campbell and Penty Ltd broke law

Campbell and Penty Ltd sent out false invoices that did not include the name of the merchant from which it bought the pea seed, said Adam Birkby, prosecuting. York magistrates heard the long ...

Gardening: Practical advice on self-sufficiency for growers

Sow sweet pea seed under cover, placing the containers in a cool, bright, frost-free spot and making sure to protect them against rodents (I cover them in a cage of fine garden netting ...

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Seed Saving: Peas | Save Your Own Pea Seed

It’s a sobering thought that people were saving pea seed for next year’s crop at least 5,000 years ago and possibly 7,000 years back! Peas are not just one of our oldest crops but happily one of the ...

Sublime Sweet pea Seed

A blend of the finest new colours available with extra flowers - the effect is sublime! Strong fragrance, long stems for cutting, and increased numbers of flowers - what more could you wish for?

Horizons Sweet pea Seed

A new formulation of our popular New Horizons, this will give you the most comprehensive mixture available. A blend of selfs and bicolours, striped and flaked, including early, mid and late-flowering ...

Big Boy Southern Field Pea and African Giant Peanut Seed

I am trying to find a reliable source for "Big Boy" southern field pea seed and "African Giant" and old-fashioned "Jumbo" peanut seed. Those are two varieties of peanut seed, and one variety of ...

Behold the germination of three pea seeds and observe how root growth is determined by gravity

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