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Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love

They're destined to grow apart, but sex, as taught by the Kama Sutra, soon has them inextricably entwined. Tara and Maya appear equally spoilt and pouty; meanwhile, the objects of their affection ...

Five Fascinating Facts about the Kama Sutra

1. The Kama Sutra isn’t a ‘sex manual’. Or at least, it’s not just that. In fact, only around 20% of the Kama Sutra concerns sexual positions – one section of the seven that make up the whole book.

What Is Kama Sutra?

The term Kama Sutra comes from an ancient Hindu textbook written in Sanskrit about erotic love called The Kamasutra. Very little is known about its author, Vatsyayana Mallanga, other than his name.

The Kama Sutra / The Perfumed Garden

His name appears as the author of the Kama Sutra and of Nyāya Sutra Bhāshya, the first commentary on Gotama's Nyāya Sutras. Hardly anything is known about him, although it is believed that his ...

Malika Favre’s sexy Kama Sutra alphabet is now available in book form

The illustrator’s 26 saucy letters have been immortalised in print, thanks to a glossy hardback book from Counter-Print Malika Favre first created her Kama Sutra alphabet as a personal project and ...

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